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It's been a while since I've done anything serious in terms of audio to my G35 and my current subwoofer setup has been bothering me for a some time, so I decided that once the weather got better that I would finally start on the new install, and here it is. The amplifier (Alpine PDX-M12) is sunken into the floor with lights illuminating it around the border. The subwoofer box is not ready yet, that is the next part of the install.

Once the existing subwoofer box was taken out, this is what I was left to work with:

The end result was this:

Subtle and clean, but sturdy.

These are the materials I used...9mm MDF board, automotive felt carpet, contact adhesive, LED strip lights, screws, the rubber matting shown in the photo wasn't necessary in the end, but the idea was to have that along the underside of the new floor so that it won't slip or rattle.

With the original floor out, we have the spare wheel. I wanted to keep this as is and fit the amp into the space in the middle of the wheel.

Test fitting the center board and the amp...

With the three sheets of MDF on the floor, I used some tile spacers to add 4mm gaps to give room later on when these will be wrapped with carpet.

I used the original floor as the template to cut out the new floor.


The MDF is cut to size and test fitted, seems to fit in ok...


Because the middle section didn't have any side supports, I had to add some recessed strips to the two outer sections, these are glued and screwed into place.



Next was cutting out the hole for the amp. This had to be bigger than the amp because I was putting in an Acrylic window above the amp, so I made the hole about 10mm bigger on all edges than the actual amp itself.


The amp fits!

On the underside I used a router to make a step for where the Acrylic window will sit.

Test fitting the window...

Next step was to add a shelf for the amplifier. I used some scrap MDF from the sides I've cut earlier to make this. This had to fit nicely inside the spare wheel.



Finally I've cut out a frame that will be used to hold the window from the underside, this has to have the same dimensions as the hole in the center floor piece.

Next up was carpeting everything, this is going to be in a separate post.

Update: Part 2 is here.


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