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Now that Java 8 has been released, you would think that the IDE that comes from the makers of Java would support all of the language syntax that dates back to the Java 7 days, but alas it does not. I tried both JDeveloper 11g ( and 12c ( and neither appear to support the try-with-resources syntax that was introduced as a part of JDK 7. However, compiling the code has no problems, both IDEs are able to compile source code that is using this new syntax.

Here's a screenshot of what happens in JDeveloper 12c when trying to use this syntax.

The try-with-resources is described at the Java Tutorial page here.

"Try statement: Expecting {." is the error, well it's not really a syntax error here, just lack of support from the IDE.

Edit: This does work in JDev 12c, but only AFTER you set the compiler source version to 1.7 AND restart JDeveloper. Just changing the source version has no immediate effect.


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