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Star Wars The Force Awakens is out in the cinemas now and all the shops are filled to the brim with Star Wars/Disney merchandise. That's so..well typical I guess. As much as I like the concept of Star Wars, I really do not like most of the movies or the amount of hype that comes with it. Instead, I'm much more of a Trekkie. This little kit arrived in the mail recently and was a pleasure to put together.

It's a KRE-O Star Trek U.S.S. Kelvin Construction Set. Don't think these are in production any longer. The kit is compatible with Lego but as usual with Kre-O kits includes lights and some custom pieces that would never be found in a Lego kit.

Here is how it was packaged...

Inside was fairly standard, bags of the bricks, stickers and the instruction booklet. The USS Kelvin sits on top of a stand when fully assembled.

IMG_0350.jpg IMG_0351.jpg

Squeezing the base lights up the stand, that's a nice touch I think!

IMG_0352.jpg IMG_0353.jpg


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