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I'm Igor Kromin. I live in Brisbane, Australia but regularly travel for work. I'm an enthusiastic software engineer and consultant interested in many fields including J2EE, programming, electronics, 3D printing, video games, wood working and gardening. I work as a Senior Principal Consultant at Oracle and specialise in the Healthcare Consulting side of the business.

The views expressed in this blog are my own and not those of my employer.

If you're interested in seeing my resume, you can find it here.

Do you write any other Blogs?
Yep, I've been following a particular demolition/construction site that's not too far away from where I live. It's a progressive blogumentary of that construction project. You can find it here: 300 George Street Blogumentary. Then of course there is the Igor and Elise's travel blog.

Is there anything else interesting here?
Apart from all the posts, I have a couple of extra features on this blog that may be interesting. There is the UUID to OID converter and of course the many different projects I've worked on. You can also see everything I've ever written about on the Site Map page.

I read your article about XX, can you implement that on my site/project?
I get many requests from people reading my articles to implement what I wrote about on their site or for their project. I typically do not do this kind of freelance work for various reasons. I'm happy to share information via my blog posts but typically I will not be able to help further. Sorry!

What software runs this Blog?
I started off using a Vanilla version of FlatPress. Since then, I've modified the original code to suit my needs, some of it I've written about as various blog posts in the FlatPress section. My modifications are too specialised to be contributed back to the project so I keep them private.

How can I subscribe to your Blog?
As laid out in my Privacy Policy I do not collect your personal information, which includes your email address. As a result I do not offer an option to subscribe to my Blog. You can however subscribe to my Blog's RSS Feed and get latest updates that way. Alternatively follow me on social media (links at the bottom of this page) to stay up to date.

Will you do a review of our product/service?
I've done reviews in the past for products and services that I found interesting and that were in line with the kind of topics I write about already. I've also rejected to do reviews of products/services that are not related to anything on this Blog. If you're interested in me doing a review, please get in touch.

Do you accept guest posts on your Blog?
It depends on the content of the guest post. Generally speaking if the post is along the lines of what I write about already then it will be welcome. Get in contact with me if you're interested in submitting a guest post.

I want you to write about a specific topic
If you have a special request or a question you want answered an want me to write about it, feel free to contact me with the request and I'll consider it!

How can I contact you?
I've listed a number of social media and email contacts in the 'Contact Me' section at the bottom of this page. Generally I will not respond via any other means i.e. Facebook chat requests will not be accepted unless they are from to Blog's Facebook page.


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