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Fixing the invalid private key error in the Google Cloud Platform App Engine app Settings page
I've started playing around with Google's Cloud Platform recently and one of the first things I wanted to do was to secure my app's static pages so they could be delivered over HTTPS. This meant that I needed to upload my certificate and private key to Google. I went ahead and generated my key as usual and I thought I had an RSA key already, but Google didn't seem to like it.
Resolving GAE deployment error - 'An error occured while deploying to AppEngine'
I was doing some updates to my Guru JSON-RPC Tester recently and when it came to deploying my changes to AppEngine, I was presented with this very uninformative error message - "An error occured while deploying to AppEngine. See the error log for more details". That didn't give me any clue as to what the actual problem was, not to mention the obvious spelling mistake in the error message.
Implementing Thingiverse OAuth2 with Google App Engine
I've been working on the next version of Extrudifier that will have integration to Thingiverse for direct uploads and Thing creations right from the Extrudifier app. This needed a bit of work to get the OAuth2 workflow set up, this is what I describe in this post. I chose to go with Google App Engine and Servlets because this was the easy and free and could be up and running quite quickly. All that's needed to implement this integration is a bit of JavaScript, a Java Servlet and some App Engine magic.
Development with App Engine, Bootstrap, JSON and a bit of JavaScript
I've been using JSON-RPC quite a bit lately and I wanted to have a way of calling my service without writing any special proxy code or using additional libraries, so I've put together a GAE App that uses Twitter Bootstrap for the UI and the json2.js to parse the JSON that's received using the XMLHttpRequest object. It was so quick and easy and the results look quite good.
Generating dynamic images using HTML5 canvas with Google App Engine
Not so long ago I wrote a small JSP page for my GAE based game that displayed all of the players and their basic stats plus an image representing their game map. This worked great on the development server, but on the production server no maps were being generated. Why? Because Google does not permit ImageIO classes to run on their servers. I started looking for other libraries to implement the same functionality and sadly didn't find much. So my solution was to do it in HTML5 instead.
JDO, you're dumped, App Engine and bi-directional relationships
After searching high and low to find out how to add a child object to a parent in JDO efficiently and getting ever more frustrated with the lack of good documentation, I've decided to just write some of my own tests to see what's possible and how well it works.
Getting 100% JUnit Test Coverage for JDO objects in App Engine
Once I started writing unit tests for the objects I was persisting into the HRD in App Engine via JDO, I've noticed that the coverage for all of my classes was below 100%. This didn't seem right to me because I was certain that I was testing everything.
Parents, Children and Ancestor queries in Google App Engine with JDO
Fetching a child object by the ID of the parent using JDO had me stuck for a while. According to this article "reads, writes, and ancestor queries will always reflect the results of the commit" in the Google App Engine data store (HRD). After trying various things and reading lots of documentation and forum posts it all came down to how I modelled my objects. Now when I persist a parent object with an attached child, then immediately perform a query to fetch that child, the data returns as expected.
A simple JSON-RPC server with Google AppEngine
I've started exploring the use of Google AppEngine for a project I'm working on. JSON was one of the technologies that was going to be used and JSON-RPC looked like an attractive way of exposing functionality without writing your own server network code.

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