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Growing chilli plants from seeds on an apartment balcony
It's been almost a year since I've moved to my new apartment and in that time the winter months came and my previous chilli plants did not really survive the cold. I decided to take a different approach to how I grew this year's batch of Moruga Scorpions and various colours of Habanero chillies.
3D printed DIY garden lattice
My hops plant has been growing really well and it was starting to outgrow the stake in its pot so I've decided to put up a lattice for it to climb. I did not find anything that I liked at the hardware store so decided to make my own. This is a very simple DIY lattice that can be 3D printed. You will still need to purchase the rods from a hardware store, it's just the mount pieces that are printed.
Six months with the Parrot Flower Power bluetooth plant sensor
About six months ago I bought the Parrot Flower Power for my chilli planter box. The sensor has been in the same spot for that whole time so I thought that I'd share my experience with it.
A new garden bed for the chillies
Spring is coming so it is time to think about planting new chillies. Since my apartment doesn't have any more space for new plants, I decided to build a garden bed at my parents' house. With a bit of recycled wood and some new soil, the chilli seeds are ready for planting.
Sweet flavoured Chilli Paste with a kick of Habaneros
My habanero plant finally had enough chillies on it to make something with, so I decided to pick the entire bunch and cook it up into a nice sweet, yet at the same time hot chilli paste. This didn't come out too overpowering on the heat and at first taste really does come across quite sweet due to the capsicum I've used. I like it.
Parrot Flower Power - a bluetooth wireless sensor for your plants - review part 2
This is part two of the Parrot Flower Power review. In the first part of the review I talked about the actual device itself, in this review I am going to concentrate on the software that makes it all come together. The app will only run on iOS for now, there is an Android version in development, but it's not ready yet. There are limitations on which device it will run on too, you will need one of iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPod touch 5th generation or later iDevices.
Parrot Flower Power - a bluetooth wireless sensor for your plants - review part 1
Continuing the plant theme, I've finally spent enough time with the Parrot Flower Power to give it a proper review. In a nutshell, this little unit has a few sensors that monitor the soil moisture, pH levels, temperature and light levels. The device then sends this to your iOS device (Android version coming soon) which analyses the data, shows you charts of the readings and gives you tasks to do like water your plant, if it detects the need.
Parametric planter box for my chillies, taking an OpenSCAD model to a reality
So I've been thinking, "how can I totally geek up my chillies" and it hit me, why not create a planter box model in OpenSCAD, make it parametric so that I can play around with different sizes of the wood palings and then actually go an make it? Well not really, but I did do all that. The real reason was to have an easy-to-move planter box, but given its weight with the soil and plants, it is now going to be more or less a permanent fixture on my balcony.
Scorpion Butch Trinidad and Moruga chilli planting
Continuing my chilli growing obsession, I've got my hands on some Scorpion Butch Trinidad and Moruga seeds to try and germinate and grow and I've just got the first success with a couple of sprouts coming through right around the New Year mark. A good present to start the new year!
Chilli harvest 2: Black Pearls and Orange Habaneros
It's been some time since the last chilli harvest from my pot plants and these chillies have been ready for a week or two so I've finally decided to pick them and grind them up. The chillies that I had this time were orange habaneros and black pearls. The black pearls turn red when they are ready.
Growing more chilli plants in pots
The previous lot of chillies I've grown got some kind of infection and started getting some strange growths on the stems, so I decided to throw them out and replant with a whole load of new ones.
Growing Jalapeño Fire Eater chillies in a high rise apartment
Since we moved to an inner city apartment and didn't have a backyard any more, the only way to grow plants was in pots, and what better plants to grow than chillies! I planted a couple of plants, but the one described here is the Jalapeño Fire Eater.

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