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I've had Google's G Suite set up for my domains for quite some time and think it's fantastic. However, I have been a bit annoyed with the Google logo being plastered all over the G Suite apps. Further when I tried to change this logo to something of my own, it never sized properly, so I thought that the best solution was simply to remove Google's logo.

So my G Suite Gmail went from this...

...to this:

Unfortunately there is no setting in G Suite to disable logo display. There is a way around this however. Simply download a 1x1 pixel transparent image from here and set that as your logo! This is done in the G Suite Admin console, inside the 'Company Profile' section, under 'Personalization'. Select 'Custom Logo' and upload the transparent image file. Google's logo will now disappear.

You can still click this transparent image, same as before. In Gmail this will get check for new emails for example.

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I've already talked about the hidden glass shelf I've added behind my TV, that was not the only bit of work I've done in my apartment to increase the amount of available space. Now that we were entering the Australian summer it meant that all the pedestal fans had to come out. In a small apartment these take up an unnecessary large amount of space wherever they stand so I wanted to do something about that.

So I had a crazy idea - what if I could mount the fan out of the way and into the ceiling? I already had a mains power socket up high on one of the walls, so wiring would not be an issue. This is what I ended up with...

I could have probably installed an actual ceiling fan with a light, but I already had this pedestal fan and it wasn't going to be too much work to mount it to the ceiling. I had my dad make a mounting bracket for me from some scrap material at his workshop. I painted this bracket white to match the ceiling colour. The scratch marks on it are there because I've already pre-fitted it before taking the photo, once the fan was mounted none of those marks were visible.

IMG_1630.jpg IMG_1631.jpg

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I received my Velvet Hotshot device last year and did an initial review of it. Around the same time I also collected some data on signal strength for the device but didn't have time to really look into it or write about it due to an extended period of travel. Now I've finally got around to looking at the results, so lets see how well the Hotshot stacks up.

Below is the floor layout of my building, there are 6 apartments on the level I tested the Hotshot on. Each of the apartments is coloured in a different shade of grey. I picked two locations to test the Hotshot from, one was next to my existing WiFi router in the centre of the apartment (purple hexagon with the number 1 in it). The second location was right on the inside of the entrance door to the apartment (purple hexagon with number 2 in it). The yellow circles are points where I took measurements from.

These are the descriptions of the test positions:
  1. Middle of the living area
  2. Bedroom off the living area
  3. Immediately outside the entry door, door closed
  4. Around the corner from the entry door, next to elevators
  5. Down the hallway, around the corner next to entry door to another apartment
  6. Straight down the end of the hallway

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I always tend to play catch up with the games I get as presents on PlayStation so the usual course of events when starting a new game is to wait for the update to finish downloading. Sometimes this can be quite a long wait, going into expected download times of longer than 24 hours.

To no surprise, when I put in Star Wars Battlefront, I was hit with a whopping 23 Gb update and a 6 hour wait time. This was actually on the quicker side of the downloads I have been getting, but still worked out to be roughly 1Mb/s. That's not bad, but when you consider that I have a fibre-to-the-building connection, it becomes horribly slow.

After reading up a bit on the topic of how I could improve that and making some changes to my PS4's network configuration, I was able to increase the download speed a tenfold, to over 11Mb/s. Now that was more like the kind of speed I would have expected. It also meant that I didn't have to wait to play Battlefront until the next day, I could play it that evening!

So what was the magic setting? The DNS servers configuration! As described in this article - A Short Pause Remedy For Slow Download Speeds On PlayStation Consoles, however I didn't follow the exact same steps as described there.

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