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This is a list of my projects I've written about, all in one place. This is a work in progress page, as some projects are not complete. I'll be adding content here as I write more articles.

Garden Bench
Rewiring a Singer 201k
Aurora Chromatography Kit
Hardwood TV Unit
Hardwood Coffee Table
SKU180142 Christmas Tree Kit
DSO138 Digital Oscilloscope
4-Digit LED Clock
Installing Alpine IVE-W554ABT
Lego Corkboard
Bamboo Skirting
Planter Box
Edison Vintage Light
Adium Icons
G35 Custom Boot Install
Extrudifier 2D 8-Bit Designer
AMT Star Wars Star Destroyer
Thesis: Visible Cell Project
C++ OpenGL Aquarium
Dell U2713HM 12v LED Hack
Power Mac Hackintosh
Pyramid Head Costume
Eve Character Monitor

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