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This game is art: Monument Valley


monv3.jpgOne of my friends sent this game to me on the iTunes store, saying that I have to play it: the game is like an art piece…well I was skeptical at first, but then I gave it a shot and wow, I am blown away. This game is amazing in so many ways and if you love puzzle games with a twist, then read on. You can find Monument Valley on the iTunes store now, there is only and iOS version at the moment, but an Android version is in the works.

The objective of this game is to guide your character, Ida, from wherever she starts to the exit square, this solves the level and lets you select the next one. This is quite simple as a concept, but there is a twist to this, which I’ll get to in a bit.

Now for $4.99 in the iTunes store I think this game is a bit over-priced for how much content you get. There are only 10 levels to solve, the entire game can be completed within a couple of hours, depending how good you are at puzzles. However, what you have to think about with this game is that it’s not just a game, it really is a piece of art and each level will have you in awe, so for the experience like that I think that’s money well spent.

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Posted by on Sun Apr 20 18:06:52 2014 in Apple, Games, Review, iOS

Add a filter/search option to the OS X Terminal history command


If you’re like me and use the Terminal in OS X on a daily basis, you probably also use the ‘history’ command quite regularly too. Every time I use history I always pipe it through grep, so always, always end up typing ‘history|grep blah’, now isn’t there an easier way? Well there is, and that’s what the alias functionality is for.

I used the alias command in my ~/.profile file to set up a new command alias called ‘ghist’ that will run the output of history through grep, this is set up like so:

alias ghist='history|grep'

With that set, all I have to do now is type ‘ghist blah’ to look through my history for anything I ran that included the text blah in it. Simple really and quite useful.


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Posted by on Wed Apr 16 08:15:10 2014 in Apple, Utilities, Unix

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline



I finally got around to reading this amazing book: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and I have to say, I’m impressed. This book was recommended to me a while back but because I was trying to finish The Culture series by the late Iain M Banks, this one was put on a back burner. If you loved Snow Crash, this is a book for you. The story is told from the first-person perspective of the protagonist, who is a penniless teen born to a world of despair, suffering, hunger and complete poverty; the future.

In this bleak future that Cline paints, the society has declined to such levels that most people are poor, have no jobs and live in terrible conditions, their only escape is to login into a virtual world called the OASIS: Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation. What? It’s just a fancy way of saying a massively online role playing game using virtual reality. Each player wears a headset and gloves to control their character, with more advanced setups also available where players can wear full body suits, have smell generators, walkable ‘treadmills’ that control the character’s movement, etc.

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Posted by on Tue Apr 15 11:17:51 2014 in Review, Books

JDeveloper 11g and 12c do not support new Java 7 Syntax: Try With Resources


Now that Java 8 has been released, you would think that the IDE that comes from the makers of Java would support all of the language syntax that dates back to the Java 7 days, but alas it does not. I tried both JDeveloper 11g ( and 12c ( and neither appear to support the try-with-resources syntax that was introduced as a part of JDK 7. However, compiling the code has no problems, both IDEs are able to compile source code that is using this new syntax.

Here’s a screenshot of what happens in JDeveloper 12c when trying to use this syntax.


The try-with-resources is described at the Java Tutorial page here.

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Posted by on Mon Apr 14 11:03:50 2014 in Programming, Java, JDeveloper

Playing around with Gource on OS X


A friend of mine showed me a video he made with Gource, so this got me interested in seeing how the two major repositories that I have been contributing for years now have evolved over time. So I decided to get this tool myself and give it a shot. It’s amazing to see how a Subversion repository evolved over the life of a project and this is an awesome tool to help do just that.

In a nutshell what Gource aims to do is give you a visual history of your source control repository. From their own site: Gource is a software version control visualization tool.

This is what a still capture of the output looks like for one of my repositories:


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Posted by on Thu Apr 10 14:09:06 2014 in Programming, Apple, Utilities

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