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As part of the renovations at home we've decided to install some Panel Glide Blinds from Blinds Online (blindsonline.com.au). I was surprised that the descriptions and photos of what the panel glide system looks like and how it is installed were not available online so here's my experience with installation, photos and all.

Overall I must say that the panel blinds are fantastic. Very happy with the results and the amount of light they block out (we got the block out fabric but other fabrics are available that let light though). Below is the final installation with and without the blinds drawn on one of the sliding doors.

DSC02093.JPG DSC02094.JPG

This is how the blinds are packaged for mailing - they come in two boxes. The long slim box contains the glide system railing and the bigger box contains the rest of the hardware and the panels.

DSC02072.JPG DSC02076.JPG

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If you tend to use vi for editing text files you've probably had a need to look for whitespace characters such as spaces or tabs. These are not typically visible since, well, they are empty space essentially. In vi there is an option to show these characters so you can quickly tell what's a space and what's a tab. In addition this option will show the start of the line (^) and end of the line ($) using their standard regex characters.

To enable this option, type in the following in vi...
:set list

If you no longer need to see whitespace and line terminators, type this in...
:set nolist

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REST services are great, JSON is great, not having to do any manual conversion between POJOs and JSON is even better. Here's how you do that with Jersey.

If you haven't read it, check out my previous article about Using Jersey 2.x as a shared library on WebLogic 12.1.2. If you're not using WebLogic 12.1.2 or Jersey as a shared library, this article is still relevant but you'll have to take care of your own service packaging.

First add Jackson as a dependency to your Maven POM.

Then in your application class (the one that extends ResourceConfig) make sure to register the JacksonFeature class. If you're not familiar with the Jersey application model, read about it here.
 REST Application
public class MyApplication extends ResourceConfig {
public MpMapApplication() {

Finally in your resource (the class annotated with @Path, as described here) add @Produces annotation with MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON as the parameter. This tells Jersey that your resource will produce JSON output. The annotation can be either on the resource class itself, or any of the methods that are required to produce JSON output.

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The keyboard and emoji viewers are handy utilities in macOS and it's possible to access them quickly by enabling an option in the Keyboard Preferences. This lets you bring up the keyboard or the emoji viewer easily from the top menu bar like this...

To enable that go to System Preferences from the Apple menu, then click on Keyboard and tick the 'Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar'.

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