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The new Gmail App has been released on iOS a couple of days ago and while going through the settings I noticed that deleted messages were set to Archive instead of being Moved to bin i.e. deleted. I think this is a bit undesirable, pressing delete should delete the message, so here's how to make sure it does!

First you need to show the side menu by tapping the three horizontal bars button at the top left. Scroll all the way down until you get to Settings.

On the next screen tap your account.

In the General settings tap on 'When removing messages, I prefer to...'

Finally tap 'Move to bin' and you're done.

Your deleted emails will no longer be archived.

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This is the second part of the article about Velvet Wi-Fi. The first part covered the hardware itself, this part will go into the software setup.

My Hotshot's name was 'Sophia' as its ID card stated so after plugging it in a new Wi-Fi access point was available with that name. At this point the Hotshot was not set up or claimed so I had to follow some initial steps to connect it to my actual Wi-Fi router.

After connecting to the Hotshot's Wi-Fi a pop-up window was presented that asked to start the initial setup.

Remember the Hotshot connects to your router via Wi-Fi, no cables are required. My router's Wi-Fi network was found without any issues, but I noticed that the Hotshot was only listing 2.4 Ghz networks and none of the 5 Ghz.

After entering my Wi-Fi password the Hotshot started to connect to the Internet.

A little bit later and I assume after the Hotshot connected to the Internet, it dropped my Wi-Fi connection and restarted. I was left with the screen telling me to reconnect to the Hotshot Wi-Fi.

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Velvet Wi-Fi has been in the news in Australia as well as in the UK and has been referred to as Uber for Telcos. This startup has come out of Brisbane, which is my home town so it got my interest. Even though the legality of reselling your broadband is a bit of a grey area with many Telcos explicitly prohibiting the practice, I was still keen to see how well the service works.

Velvet it currently in its Beta phase so the service is not perfect but it is constantly being improved and the support from the team is fantastic.

I'm going to split this article up into several parts with each one covering one aspect of Velvet. This first part is about the hardware itself, the next will talk about software setup and the last will go into how well the device stacks up in terms of signal strength and connectivity. I will not go into the monetary side of things as that can range widely from location to location.

The device that Velvet ships is called the Hotshot. Ordering is done online and is a simple process, though I did have some issues with receipts not sending to me but these were quickly resolved. After ordering it took a couple of weeks for my Hotshot to arrive. The device came nicely packaged in a brown box with everything required to get started inside.

IMG_1513.jpg IMG_1514.jpg

Inside the box was the Hotshot itself, a power supply, a quick start booklet and a card containing the device's password. I was surprised that no Ethernet cable was packaged but as it turns out one is not required. The Hotshot connects to your existing Wi-Fi network wirelessly. The Hotshot has two antennae on either side, these swivel up to let you tweak their position to get the best signal strength.

The instruction booklet folded out and really had just a handful of steps. The design was quite modern and fun but as you'll see in the next part of this article the printed instructions oversimplify the reality of setting up the device. So don't go making a paper plane just yet! Still kudos for the cool instruction booklet, you don't see that too often! I'm sure as Velvet matures this process will get refined.

IMG_1518.jpg IMG_1519.jpg

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Recently I noticed that my Gmail (actually in my case G Suite ) has been ignoring the 'Skip Inbox' option on all of my filters. Even though I had several filters set up to move emails out of the Inbox and archive them, they kept on staying in the Inbox. Turns out there is a setting that controls this!

Under 'Settings' in the 'Inbox' tab there is a section for 'Filtered mail'. There is a setting there that can force filters to be overwritten for important messages to make them remain in the Inbox even if the filter is set up to 'Skip Inbox'.

All you have to do is select the "Don't override filters" option and "Save Changes". This will make sure that filters work as expected.

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