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I've released an updated version of ECM, see the feature list and download links, screenshots, etc below.

Note: I no longer play EVE and so am not maintaining this widget, feel free to use it, but I probably will not provide any support for it

ECM 0.1 Features
  • Basic character information, including the character name, corporation name, wallet balance, total SP, and clone SP
  • Character portrait
  • Skill in training and completion indicator
  • Colour-coded training progress bar - 0-24% Red, 25-74% Orange, 75-100% Green
  • Training completion information including time remaining, date skill is finishing on (Eve Time) and the training rate
  • Character selection from Eve API
  • Automatic update upon skill completion
  • Timed, hourly updates of character and skill data
  • Colour-coded clone SP indicator - Red: insufficient clone SP, Green: - Sufficient clone SP
  • Colour-coded skill remaining indicator - Red: skill finishes within 24 hours, Black: skill training longer than 24 hours
  • Skill queue display

Version 0.1.1 Update
  • Performance improvements: timers are stopped when the widget is removed from the dashboard or is unloaded
  • Skill queue now shows the queue time remaining instead of the total skill queue time
  • Widget preferences are removed when the widget is removed from the dashboard
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Queue scrollbar will now show correctly

Version 0.1.2 Update
  • New character portrait support
  • Check for updates feature
  • HTTPS Eve API support
  • If the error view is shown and there is a successful update, the error view will be hidden
  • Minor aesthetic improvements

ECM 0.1 Known Bugs
  • Partially trained skill progress is incorrect
  • Partially trained skill training rate is incorrect

ECM 0.1.2 Download
File size: 294 KiB
MD5 Checksum: 72181f23f37895a41d9cddad26c29c8d
Download from Eve Files
Eve Online Forums Thread for ECM
OLD Eve Online Forums Thread for ECM
Video of ECM in action

Current screenshots

Widget front

Older screenshots
Widget front

Widget front

Widget front

No skill in training

Queue list

Widget back

Error dialog

ECM Roadmap

Version 0.2 - 'Vehemence'
  • Finishes time should be local time not Eve time
  • Check for updates feature
  • Fixed partial skill training
  • If the error view is shown and there is a successful update, it shoud be hidden

Version 1.0 - 'Solace'
  • Correct handling of <1.6mil SP characters (100% training speed bonus)
  • Alert when skill is finished training by brining up the dashboard or playing a sound (option for both)
  • Option to auto-switch characters to the one that's training skills
  • Queue to have a timer based on current skill training

Version 2.0 - 'Tech II'
  • Growl integration
  • iCal integration
  • Respect CCP cache timings


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