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Varargs in Java are very handy and I've been using this feature quite a bit lately, but I did find some shortfalls that unfortunately mean I have to write some ugly code to get around the limitations.

To recap, there is an explanation of varargs here, but basically all this feature is, is a way to wrap an array of arguments to be passed to a method.

So in my server I can define a method like this:
public static void persist(final Object ... os) {

...and in the calling code use it like this:
persist(obj1, obj2, obj3);

Great so far, but what if I have a number of objects to persist plus an array of variable length that holds more objects to persist? I thought I could do this...
Object objarray[] = ...;
persist(obj1, obj2, obj3, objarray);

Unfortunately that doesn't work because java interprets that as a call to persist(Object[] a, Object[] b).

So how to get around it? Well the only way I could think of was to combine the varargs array and the other array I am passing in. This makes for some messy code before the persist() call so I'm open to other suggestions.


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