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I've been getting this KeyChain access dialog popping up ever since I've upgraded to OS X Mavericks, finally found a solution to make it go away permanently. Here's how.

This is the dialog box I am talking about:

To stop it from appearing, I run the "Keychain Access.app", right clicked the "login" key chain and selected the change settings option.

In the setting I unticked the lock options and saved.

No more annoying popup every 5 minutes!


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Sun Oct 27 20:49:46 2013
I'm an enthusiastic software engineer and consultant interested in many fields including J2EE, programming, electronics, 3D printing, video games, anything Apple, and even growing chillies.
I've been working at Oracle since 2006, starting as a Software Engineer and progressing to my current role of Senior Principal Consultant. During this time I've lived in London and Singapore and travelled around the world until settling back in Brisbane, Australia.
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