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One of the Cura updates recently caused my main window to go off-screen. Out of the box OS X does not have a built-in way of manually moving windows using a keyboard (like Windows does). There are third party tools for this, however I thought that surely there is a different answer and this setting must be stored in Cura configuration somewhere. After a bit of digging, it's right there as expected and here is how to change it.

This is the issue I was having - The main Cura window was being displayed with the title bar outside of the top part of my desktop, no way to move it:

After closing Cura and updating its configuration file, the window is back to normal:

The file to edit is called preferences.ini and is located in the ~/.cura// directory. In my case this was ~/.cura/14.03/preferences.ini. The setting to change was window_pos_y. I changed mine like so:
window_pos_y = 100

That's all there is to it.


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