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I've recently installed the JDK 8 on my rMBP and all of a sudden NetBeans stopped working for me. I've dug into this a little further and tried several things, none of which worked, in the end I ended up forcing NetBeans to use JDK 7 and everything was working again.

First NetBeans stopped launching from my Dock, so I opened up Terminal and tried to launch it manually, this presented me with the following error:
> open /Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans 7.1.2.app
LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file /Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans 7.1.2.app.

Not much information here, so I tried to launch the NetBeans binary instead:
> /Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans 7.1.2.app/Contents/Resources/NetBeans/bin/netbeans
Unrecognized VM option 'MaxPermSize=384m'
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

Now I was getting somewhere.

The /Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans 7.1.2.app/Contents/MacOS/netbeans script has the following setting:
netbeans_default_options="-J-XX:MaxPermSize=384m ${netbeans_default_options}"

I tried removing the MaxPermSize setting, but it still failed with:
Unrecognized VM option 'PermSize=32m'

I dug in deeper and removed the PermSize setting from /Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans 7.1.2.app/Contents/Resources/NetBeans/etc/netbeans.conf.

Now the slash screen was showing up, yet NetBeans would still crash. The ~/.netbeans/7.1.2/var/log/messages.log file had the following exception:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.lang.IllegalAccessException: Class org.openide.util.WeakListenerImpl$ProxyListener can not access a member of class org.openide.filesystems.$Proxy0 with modifiers "public"
at org.openide.util.WeakListenerImpl$ProxyListener.<init>(WeakListenerImpl.java:423)
at org.openide.util.WeakListenerImpl.create(WeakListenerImpl.java:164)
at org.openide.util.WeakListeners.create(WeakListeners.java:271)
at org.openide.filesystems.MultiFileObject.<init>(MultiFileObject.java:125)
at org.openide.filesystems.MultiFileObject.<init>(MultiFileObject.java:142)
at org.openide.filesystems.MultiFileSystem.getMultiRoot(MultiFileSystem.java:267)
at org.openide.filesystems.MultiFileSystem.findResource(MultiFileSystem.java:355)
at org.openide.filesystems.FileUtil.getConfigFile(FileUtil.java:2227)
at org.openide.filesystems.FileUtil.getConfigRoot(FileUtil.java:2257)
at org.netbeans.core.startup.Main.getModuleSystem(Main.java:162)
at org.netbeans.core.startup.Main.start(Main.java:308)
at org.netbeans.core.startup.TopThreadGroup.run(TopThreadGroup.java:123)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

This is do to with the Java security manager, everything I tried to disable it made NetBeans not start at all, the only workaround was to force JDK 7 to be used instead. I updated the /Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans 7.1.2.app/Contents/Resources/NetBeans/etc/netbeans.conf file to have the following entry in my case:

Now NetBeans starts as expected.


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