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The SEO Metatag Info plugin for FlatPress makes it easy to add metadata to blog posts (entries) using the HTML meta tag, however the static and blog pages do not seem to have the same functionality out of the box. Looking at the code reveals that these pages can also have metadata stored and added to when they are displayed. Adding this is a more manual task compared to blog posts, but it is possible.

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The first thing to do is to create the statics directory in the seometa directory under the FlatPress content location.
> cd fp-content/content/seometa
> mkdir statics
> cd statics

Next is to create a file that contains the metadata to be displayed. For the blog home page, it needs to have the prefix 'blog', for a static page, the prefix is the name of the static page.

For example, the blog home page metadata file will be called blog_metatags.ini and will have the following content:
description=Description of the blog goes here.
keywords=blog, keyword, tag, etc


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