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A few days ago I wrote about how Apple forced every iTunes user to have U2's Songs of Innocence album forced into their iTunes. It seems that Apple received quite a backlash over this and has created a way for people to remove this offending content from their accounts.

There is a SOI Removal tool available now on the iTunes Website. It's easy to use, just enter your iTunes details and it does the rest. You will need to restart iTunes if you want the change to be immediate or just wait for the next time it syncs with the cloud.

Here are some of the screenshots I took while removing SOI.

This is what you're greeted with, a simple screen with a remove button.

When you click remove, it asks you to enter your iTunes account details.

After entering the details, there is a confirmation screen that tells you that SOI is gone for good. Success!

Meanwhile, in iTunes, first I quit the application, then started it again. My session became expired, so I had to login again.

Once I logged in and iTunes synced, no more U2!


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