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Over the past couple of months I've had to do some major maintenance on the 3D printer because some of the original parts simply snapped. I took this opportunity to improve both the printer itself and the box that I built to house it. These are the changed that took place.

The original post for the printer box can be found here: http://www.igorkromin.net/index.php/2013/05/26/a-clear-acrylic-box-for-the-portabee-3d-printer-part-1-making-the-box/.

In terms of the printer itself I've made the following changes:

For the box itself, these were the changes:
  • Added cable covers to hide cables running to the webcam and to hide some other cables that were messing up the interior of the box
  • Added a webcam
  • Repositioned the door so that it swings open sideways now instead of having to lift it up
  • Adding throw switches to turn the extractor and cooling fans on/off
  • Covered all the holes that were drilled in the box with blue 3D printed washers and bolts

Here are some of the photos with the new additions. I have something bigger planned for the 3D printer soon, including a redesign of the entire base and y-axis mounts so keep tuned.











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