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Every now and then my Deluge app fails to start on the home server. This was a little frustrating at first, but then I figured out what was going wrong. This is how to fix Deluge and make it start again.

I've noticed that in the Console, deluge was writing error logs like this...
29/01/2015 17:26:01.444 [0x0-0x24024].org.deluge: [ERROR ]
17:26:01 ipcinterface:156 Deluge restart failed: Couldn't listen on any:
/Users/xxxx/.config/deluge/ipc/deluge-gtk: Cannot acquire lock.

This is because a lock file already exists and some IPC pipes are set up. Removing the ipc directory will let Deluge start again.

To fix this problem, open the Terminal and paste the following lines:
cd ~/.config/deluge
rm -rf ipc


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