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The OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 update resolves a number of OS and Security features as well as adding some visual perks like nice new toolbar icons in Mail.app. However, the most enticing reason to get this update is because it hugely improved graphics performance, something that Apple left off the official update notes.

I've previously written about how bad graphics performance is in Yosemite when the zoom feature is used. That article can be found here. This update fixes all that.

Here are some numbers for the tests...

I used NovaBench again, same as last time. The numbers really speak for themselves. The best improvement is with zoomed in performance, gaining a 4700% boost! If you use this feature frequently, like I do, this update is a must.

Here are the raw numbers for these graphs.

 10.10 10.10.2
Both screens, test on retina184 408
Both screens, test on external display448 456
External display only457 466
Retina display only378 380
While zoomed in8 384


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