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I know that I'm late to the table on this one, but while I was on a plane this week I saw someone playing this game and it looked amazing. For the next flight I made sure that I had downloaded Giant Boulder of Death (GBoD) so that I could (literally) spend the entire flight playing it. This game is super fun and addictive and if you get kicks out of rolling a giant boulder and crushing innocent cows, hitchhikers and lumberjacks, you will love it too.

AdultSwim, the publishers of GBoD always produce fun and easy to play games and this is no exception. The game itself is free to download and play, but as many games these days it is based on the Freemium model. I'm ok with that in this case because the premium items and extra themes are well priced.

Here are some screenshots I grabbed of the start screen and the beginning of your boulder roll.

IMG_1390.jpg IMG_1396.jpg

You can also upgrade your boulder and chance items. The chance items are access via a pokies type spinner at the start of every game. You get a free roll every 10 minutes and this gives you little perks in the game like reducing the number of spikes or adding Yetis.

IMG_1391.jpg IMG_1392.jpg

There's also a gallery of victims, basically all the stuff you have unlocked so far.

IMG_1393.jpg IMG_1395.jpg

So the idea with the game is to roll the boulder and squash everything in sight while not being spiked or exploded by bombs or falling off into the abyss. Pretty simple! Your boulder has a power meter too, which when full will turn the boulder into an 'Invinciboulder' (for a short period) which can't be destroyed and can squash anything, even the spikes and giant buildings.

IMG_1398.jpg IMG_1399.jpg

If you get spiked or exploded you die, but you can continue by using gems. The first time you die it costs 1 gem, the second time it costs 2 gems, after that you can't even use gems to continue. If you fall into the abyss below you can't continue either.

There are extra 'themes' available to download that change the look of the game and essentially are treated as new levels. Some of these cost gems and some cost actual money to purchase.

IMG_1402.jpg IMG_1405.jpg

Now go and get GBoD!


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