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If you have old skype accounts you don't use or had someone login on your computer with their Skype account, the chances are that the Skype login window remembered this account and has it in its drop-down list. This can be irritating, but there is an easy solution to get rid of these offending accounts as well as their data from your Skype login window.

This is what I'm talking about, when you open Skype and click the account drop down button, you get multiple accounts presented to you (blurred out for privacy).

If you want to remove any of these, simply follow these steps:
  • Open Terminal.app
  • Navigate to the ~/Library/Application Support/Skype directory
  • Delete the directory that has the same name as the account you wish to remove

For example, if you had an account called guest1 that you no longer wanted in the login drop down list, you'd type the following into the Terminal:
 Removing unwanted Skype accounts
cd ~/Library/Application Support/Skype/
rm -rf guest1

That will remove the account and its data from you computer. Note: This will not delete the Skype account altogether, that account can still be used without any issues.

The result should be less accounts in the drop down. In my case, I removed two accounts that I didn't want to be showing up, that left me with just one account that I actually use.


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