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I've been using Cornerstone 2 on my Mac for about 6 months now and cannot imagine using anything else. Prior to this, I preferred to use svn commands on the Terminal, but then realised I was wasting time doing this - some tasks are much easier to do with a UI. When I finally decided to switch to a graphical client, I went through a lot of different apps before settling on Cornerstone 2. Of the apps I tried out, many didn't feel right or had the necessary feature sets for me (svnX, Versions) or had too high of a licence fee (SmartSVN). I went through many more SVN apps than that, including some Java clients.

My choice was based on a few factors - the license fee had to be reasonable, the app had to have built-in side-by-side diff functionality, it had to support multiple repositories and it had to have a nice clean user interface. Cornerstone meets all of these for me.

The only downside I found is if you have large commits (100+) files at a time, Cornerstone does tend to crash if you commit from the main window. However, right clicking your working copy and committing from there works just fine.

Here are some screenshots (with my work related repositories and working copies edited out).



This is in no way a full review of the app, just my personal opinion after experimenting with a number of different SVN clients.


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