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Here's another peculiarity I found with the JWSC Ant Task - even though the documentation specifies that the srcdir attribute is mandatory, it is not enforced which leads to falsely reported failures during the 'Processing x JAX-WS web services...' stage.

This one had me stumbled for a while. JWSC was reporting compilation failures, but the final build status was a success. In addition when I examined the produced WAR file, it contained the very classes and packages that JWSC was claiming were missing.

My JWSC task was being used like this...
 JWSC Task
<jwsc destdir="${path.build}" keepgenerated="no"
source="${build.jdk_version}" target="${build.jdk_version}"
debug="${build.debug}" includeAntRuntime="false">
<classpath refid="compile_classpath"/>
<module contextpath="${proj.context}" name="${proj.name}${ws.suffix}-${build.version}" explode="false">
<jwsfileset srcdir="${path.src}" type="JAXWS">
<include name="**/*.java" />
<exclude name="**/package-info.java"/>

Since I was using module and jwsfileset and specifying srcdir attribute on the jwsfileset, I didn't think to set the same attribute on the jwsc task itself.

This resulted in output like this (sanitised for readability):
 JWSC Output
[jwsc] JWS: processing module XXXX
[jwsc] Parsing source files
[jwsc] Parsing source files
[jwsc] 1 JWS files being processed for module XXXX
[jwsc] JWS: XXXX.java Validated.
[jwsc] Processing 1 JAX-WS web services...
[jwsc] XXXX.java:8: error: package YYYY does not exist
[jwsc] import YYYY.*;
[jwsc] ^
[jwsc] Compiling 5 source files to /tmp/tmp
[jwsc] Building jar: XXXX.war
[jwsc] Created JWS deployment outputFile: XXXX.war
[jwsc] [EarFile] Application File : XXXX/build/META-INF/application.xml
[AntUtil.deleteDir] Deleting directory /tmp/tmp

Once I set the srcdir attribute on the jwsc task, all of these processing errors went away. It seems a little redundant to have to specify the source directory in multiple places to me, but I guess there is little choice if you want clean build system output.


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