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Recently I had a need to add a very simple bit of functionality to my blog that would show/hide some bbcode examples. I didn't want to use Bootstrap/jQuery for such a simple task so I looked around and found this simple CSS trick that does exactly what I need by using a checkbox to trigger showing/hiding a pre element, effectively simulating a Bootstrap Accordion.

Here's what it looks like...



The CSS is very simple:
input[type=checkbox]:checked + pre {
display: none;

To explain this - the :checked pseudo-class applies when the checkbox is selected/checked and the '+ pre' part is an adjacent selector for the pre element. Together this means 'when there is a checked checkbox next to a pre element'.

Now the HTML is like this...
<input type="checkbox" checked> Hide Content</input>
Your content to show/hide

As long as the pre element is immediately after the checkbox this will work. Apply your own styling to make it look how you want, no JavaScript/jQuery required!

You can also replace the pre element with just about anything else, as long as the style is updated and you use the new element after the checkbox.


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