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Usually I wouldn't write about something like this but this really got under my skin. I used to be a big fan of Cradle of Filth, especially back when I was younger, so naturally I liked their Facebook page. Recently I noticed that on a daily basis and sometimes several times during the day their Facebook page started spamming viral media links.

Here are some examples...

IMG_0798.jpg IMG_0799.jpg

and some more...

IMG_0801.jpg IMG_0802.jpg

There are other things they've shared that are not appropriate to show on my blog. At first I was thinking maybe they somehow got hacked, but given that has been going on for well over a week now I do not believe that is the case.

Many of the comments that I saw on their shares suck it right up but then there are just as many that really dislike what they're posting. In the 12 hours between the time that I took those screenshots and writing this article now there has been about 500 people who unliked their page, good on them. I was definitely one of the people unliking. That is not enough to make a huge dint in their 2.3 million+ likes, but it is a message to be heard.

Perhaps's it's Dani's little man syndrome kicking in again vying for attention or maybe they are in a real financial crisis that they needed to stoop to the level of spammers, but given that behaviour there are only two options...

Unfollow or unlike.

IMG_0803.jpg IMG_0804.jpg


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