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I recently bought the Measy RC12 wireless keyboard/touchpad to use with my TV media PC. This device sits somewhere between the RC8 and the RC11 models and I think combines the best features of both. The touchpad is surprisingly responsive and the keyboard is good enough for use on a media PC. Positioning of the buttons and toucpad is very well thought out too.
Don't buy this device!

I liked this keyboard/mouse device initially, but after dropping it a few times (it is a lounge room remote after all) it stopped working as intended. The sensitivity on the track pad went through the roof, when it worked. At some points it was randomly moving the mouse cursor and clicking all by itself. The only solution was to throw it in the junk pile.

Below is my original review for reference.

This is what the remote looks like...

The touchpad is on the right but the left/right click mouse buttons are on the left under the arrow keys. I really like this layout because it allows you to hold the remote like a game controller and still use it like a mouse. If the buttons were right under the touchpad it would have been a pain to use.

The arrow keys are in the same place as a directional pad would be on a game controller, which is a nice touch. The escape and enter keys are also very well positioned with a good amount of space around them making these easy to press without having to look at the remote.

This remote is not Bluetooth. It uses a 2.4Ghz dongle to connect instead. This makes it very responsive with hardly any lag even when using the touchpad (see the video below). When I plugged it into my media laptop connected to the TV, Windows recognised it straight away and it just worked. Perfect!

DSC02293.JPG DSC02294.JPG

The remote is quite chunky, but that actually feels nice in your hand. It's fairly heavy for its size due to 3x AAA batteries that it requires to operate.

There were some negatives though. The manual for example is a single printed sheet of paper in the smallest font ever. This manual is oddly enough for both the RC11 and RC12 together, one on each side of the paper. It describes how some of the special functions work, like opening the default web browser. I couldn't get that working however.

Another thing which is not ideal is how clicky the keyboard buttons are. They are not quiet! You can see this in the video below.

Overall though this keyboard/touchpad remote works really well and I'm quite happy with it.


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