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It is that time of the year when some of my domains have to be renewed, so I was in the process of doing the usual one-by-one renewal when I looked at the cost of renewing travelblog.ws and was astounded by the amount that GoDaddy wanted to charge me!

$50.50 for a renewal of a .ws domain for one year, it was absolutely ridiculous! Compared to the initial price of $6.55 that I paid for the domain, the renewal figure was out of this world. I was not willing to pay seven times more than the initial price so decided to look around for other options (and I'm glad I did).

That's when I came across 1&1. Their reviews seemed pretty good from what I read, but I didn't care so much because all I wanted was to extend the registration on my domain, no hosting, no email, just the domain name.

The price for my first domain came to $14.99 (~$20AUD) which was less than half of what GoDaddy wanted to charge! I was sold.

After the successful transfer of one domain I was happy enough with their user interface and process so decided to start moving other domains over. To my surprise the domains after my initial domain were cheaper to transfer! The second domain only cost me $11.17 (~$14AUD).

The only part I didn't like was how they tried to get me to consent to receiving excessive marketing material. This wasn't required for me to continue with my domain transfers though, I just didn't tick that box!

So far I'm pretty happy with the service and the renewals look to be at prices that are much closer to the initial transfer price ($11.17 initial, $14.99 thereafter). So as my domains come up for renewal I will be moving them over to 1&1 and would encourage others to check them out too, you'll save a tonne on domain renewal and registration fees!


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