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The Space Shuttle Endeavor is a kit from the aviation line of Metal Earth models. When I first looked at this kit it looked like it would be a challenge to put together, but upon opening it I was surprised to see just a single sheet and only a dozen or so pieces. Still, despite its simplicity, the kit was fun and satisfying to put together and looks quite nice.

As always I used the usual set of tools to put this kit together. Inside the kit was a single sheet of laser cut metal parts and a single-side instruction brochure. Did I mention that this kit was super easy and quick to put together?!

IMG_1215.jpg IMG_1216.jpg

The body of the shuttle required some major bending, I used a pen to get it into the correct shape, then it was a bit of hand bending to get everything fitting together and looking nice.

IMG_1217.jpg IMG_1218.jpg

I don't usually like the cylindrical pieces because they are a bit of a pain to get right and this was no exception. At least they weren't tiny like on some kits, but there were quite a few of them required for the engine section.

IMG_1220.jpg IMG_1222.jpg

The tail attached to the engine section and was made up of a single vertical piece attached to a horizontal section.

IMG_1224.jpg IMG_1225.jpg

Initially I bent the wing piece the wrong way around with the engraving appearing on the bottom. Silly mistake! It was easy enough to reverse and everything still held together afterwards.

The engine section was attached to the body of the shuttle and the body was then attached to the wing section. I used a scalpel to bend tabs in place here because they were so close to body.

IMG_1227.jpg IMG_1228.jpg

There are a number of other shuttles from Metal Earth, including Atlantis, Discovery and Enterprise. They all look more or less identical however so I'm not sure if I'd want to get every single one, though it would be cool to see them all in a row together!


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