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So recently I had a problem with SourceTree. It was stuck in the 'Rebase' state for one of my repositories and I had no way from within SourceTree to abort the rebase. There was an easy fix for this issue via the command line however.

The repository browser was showing my repository in the 'Rebase' state...

Whenever I tried to Pull, I'd get a dialog box, "Rebase In Progress" that had options to Abort Rebase, Cancel and Continue Rebase.

Every time I selected Abort Rebase, it would show the abort progress dialog but nothing else would happen. Selecting Abort from the Actions menu had no effect either. The repository was stuck.

This is when I decided that SourceTree couldn't be trusted to complete this task and I had to do it manually via the command line...

Entering "git am --abort" did the trick and my repository went back to its normal state.


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