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When trying to log into a website recently I've ran into an error - Bad Request - Size of a request header field exceeds server limit: Cookie. Immediately I opened the developer console and skipped over to the storage tab (in Safari). It showed me a thriving population of cookies living in my browser cache for the domain that website was running on.

The number of cookies was out of control and one was fairly large. Overall the total size of the cookies was well over 4kb. This doesn't seem like much, but RFC6265 only provisions for numbers in this area.

So I deleted the largest cookie and then was able to log in. Easy.

This kind of error bothers me though because it could have been very easily prevented. There are multiple parties that can be blamed in this case - the application developer, the server administrator, the web browser developer. Who is really to blame though? I say the majority responsibility is with the application developer but other parties can also help to improve user experience.

At least there is a way forward by manually deleting cookies! 🍪


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