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I run DietPi on my Raspberry Pi 2, which I use exclusively for programming Atari Lynx cartridges via the Lynx Cart Programmer Pi-Hat and as a result the Raspberry Pi is only ever turned on when I need to burn ROMs to cartridges. Usually this is a quick process but sometimes I noticed it runs into errors on boot with the "Waiting for Dietpi-Postboot to finish (x/15) - syntax error in expression" error appears over and over.

I've put up with this for a while but eventually it got the better of me and I had to fix it. Turned out the fix was really quite simple!

There is syntax error in one of the DietPi scripts. Specifically the /DietPi/dietpi/login script. There is a line that reads like this...
G_DIETPI-NOTIFY "Waiting for DietPi-Postboot to finish ($current_seconds/$max_seconds)"

The line should read like this (just add the " 2 " after "G_DIETPI-NOTIFY")...
G_DIETPI-NOTIFY 2 "Waiting for DietPi-Postboot to finish ($current_seconds/$max_seconds)"

After this fix those errors disappear. Nice and easy!


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