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I've been messing around with BrowserFS and IndexedDB storage recently and managed to create a whole heap of duplicate database. For some reason, Safari doesn't give you an option to delete a single IndexedDB from website storage, so I had to find another way of doing it.

Of course one quick way to do it is to go to Safari's Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data..., find the website you want to delete IndexedDB storage for and delete. Unfortunately this will also remove any local storage and cookies, not always what you want when programming.

The second way of doing it is by bringing up the JavaScript console from the Develop menu and typing in indexedDB.deleteDatabase('your database name');...

That will delete just the database you are after, a nice and clean way of doing it.

There is one more way to do it, and that is to open Finder, the click on the Go > Go to Folder... menu item and enter "~/Library". From here you can look for Safari > Databases > __IndexedDB and delete any databases you don't want.


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