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I've recently started to get notifications on my Mac telling me that I was running low on disk space. Upon some investigation I found that Spotify was taking up a good chunk of space with its cache directory. Now this wasn't the offline music directory, that's altogether a different location, this was the ~/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client directory.

Not sure why there needs to be over 7Gb of cache data for a streaming service. I've also checked if any of my library contents were set to be downloaded - they weren't.

So I opened the Terminal app and ran the following commands to remove all this cache data (I quit Spotify first)...
cd ~/Library/Caches
rm -rf com.spotify.client

That by itself was a temporary solution however. Now I had to tell Spotify to limit the size of the cache directory and that was done by creating a file called ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/prefs and adding the following contents to it...
 ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/prefs

The above sets the limit to 1Gb (or 1024Mb). After making this change I opened up Spotify and used it as usual.


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