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If you are going crazy thinking that your iPhone or iPad is broken when you try to use PNGs that have a transparent background, you're not alone. This has been an issue, and a widely reported one at that, since iOS 13 was released. None of the updates (13.1, 13.2 or 13.3) have fixed it.

Update: If you are experiencing this problem, check out this follow up blog post - A workaround for iOS 13 issue making transparent backgrounds white

I've ran into this issue when trying to load a new logo for my Atari Gamer website into a watermarking app I use on my iPhone. In the past, all I had to do was drop my PNG into Photos on the Mac and it would come up, transparency and all, on my iPhone.

With iOS 13, this happens...

transparency_1.jpeg transparency_3.jpeg

The image is first loaded correctly with a transparent background, then a few seconds later it changes to have a white background instead.

When opening the image in Photos as soon as it shows up, it does indeed show up with a transparent background. This isn't always consistent though, opening and closing the image several times in a row shows it either with a transparent background or with a white background, but after a time it always shows up with a white background.

transparency_2.jpeg transparency_4.jpeg

Unfortunately using an image like that in a watermarking app becomes impossible as it always has a solid white background. It appears (from what I read on various forums and support websites) that this was reported to Apple as a bug multiple times, however Apple still hasn't fixed this problem.

Have you found a solution or workaround?


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