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I've been using Google's GSuite set of products for quite a time now, primarily for the custom domain Gmail. Usually the updates that Google brings out are nice and straight forward but this one stumped me a little. The Gmail interface seems to have lost its "Manage this domain" link for GSuite administrators.

Of course you can always go to admin.google.com, but I always liked the option of having a menu item take me to the admin interface. Well, turns out this feature is still there, but under a different name.

To access the admin interface, start by clicking the quick settings gear icon at the top of the GMail screen...

The quick settings side bar will show.

Click on the "Manage this organisation" button.

The admin interface will open in a new window.

Note: you have to have popup blockers disabled in your browser for this to work, otherwise you will get an error message. I've disabled popup blockers just for the mail.google.com domain and that seemed to do the trick.


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