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I tend to keep my old phones when I get a new one, sometimes I give them to other family members though and with my recent upgrade that's what I did. In return I was given an old iPhone 5 that I originally passed down long ago. I wasn't really sure what to do with it and then my wife found this cool looking bluetooth speaker. So I figured that was something I could work with and after some 3D printing, this is what I ended up with...

The bluetooth speaker is designed for newer, much larger phones, so I had to make a bracket for it first. The design (in OpenSCAD) and STL files are on Thingiverse here - iPhone 5 bracket for PTH800 Bluetooth Peterhot Retro TV. I printed the bracket in orange to make the speaker. The bracket also includes voids for two button inserts so that the volume up/down buttons can be accessed.

IMG_8288.jpeg IMG_8287.jpeg

IMG_8289.jpeg IMG_8290.jpeg

The fit was quite good, can't say as much for the condition of the iPhone back and camera though!

IMG_8292.jpeg IMG_8293.jpeg

All put together it looked like it was meant to be like that from the start!

The only other thing that I needed was a way to charge both the iPhone and the Bluetooth speaker at the same time, so I used a 3-in-1 cable (similar to this one).

This works well for playing music (especially if you have Spotify and can play on other device) and watching YouTube. The screen is a little small though, but at least this way the phone is put to some use and not just thrown out.


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