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Normally I wouldn't write about a promotion like this but this was too good not to share. KFC is running a limited time promotion (ending 7th of August 2016) where you can score yourself a free 3 Piece Feed just by playing an online game. So far we managed to get two of these meals for free, so it really does work. Read on for more details.

So how do you get your hands on free deliciousness of KFC meal? All you got to do is play this game: Cook Da Chook. The game is very easy, you have to pass some training to get started, that explains what you need to do - dunk the chicken, shake it off, roll it in spices, etc. I found playing it on a mobile the easiest.

Here are some more screenshots of the game...

IMG_1071.jpg IMG_1073.jpg

IMG_1074.jpg IMG_1075.jpg

There are some catches to the game. Although you can play the game as many times as you like, you can only enter the competition to win the free KFC 10 times per day. This is done automatically once your cooking timer runs out. If you hit your 10 entries, you will get this screen at the end...

Then if you've already won, you will not be eligible for any more free meals. You can only win once ever.

However when you finally win (it is not hard to win), you get this satisfying screen...

After you've won, you will get an email that has instructions on how to claim your prize. Essentially you just go to a KFC store and get them to enter a 'store code' on your phone after clicking a link in the email.

In case you are wondering there is no minimum score you need to get to be eligible to win. In fact if you look at my winning screenshot above, I got zero points! Yep, all I had to do was complete the training and then just start a game and let the timer run out. After a few games I won a prize.

This offer is open to Australian residents only it seems so if you're living in Australia, go on and get your free chicken while the offer is still running!


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