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Way back in 2015 I had TPG's FTTB service connected and was amazed with its speed. I always planned to replace the Huawei modem that came with it, for various reasons it took me over 2 years to do so, but I finally did it. I ended up buying the Billion BiPAC 8700AXL 1600 VDSL2/ADSL2+ Tri-WAN Modem Router to replace both the Huawei modem I was using as well as the Apple AirPort Express that I had as my WiFi AP.

It took me way longer to get the settings right so that the 8700AXL could connect to the Internet, even with the Whirlpool VDSL2 settings page in hand. I couldn't find anyone using this exact device so had to fumble my way through the UI. Here are the settings I used...

First I removed all the previous WAN services under WAN > WAN Service.

Then I added a new WAN Service with the following settings...

On the next page I selected just the new ppp0.1 interface for DNS settings, moving all other interfaces into the Available list.

Once the router saved all the settings I had the new WAN Service showing up.

The next setting I changed as in WAN > DSL. Here I selected all modulation types and left just the 17a profile selected. I also enabled SRA.

That's all I needed to do! After these changed I had the DSL and Internet lights lighting up and staying lit and of course I could connect to the Internet from my laptop and phone via the new 8700AXL device.


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