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To compliment the garden bench I made a while back we decided to make a cushioned garden seat that could back up as storage at the same time. Both were to serve as our outdoor seating at the apartment. This was the end result...it turned out a little lumpy on the cushioning but given it was our first time trying this out I think the end result turned out quite good.

Our goal for this project was to start and finish in a day and we managed to do it in 5 hours and just before the rain poured down outside. So lets see how we did it!

First was the cutting of the fence palings and the internal support studs that were also the legs.

IMG_0550.jpg IMG_0551.jpg

The long sides of the seat were assembled first. Three palings high on all sides.

IMG_0554.jpg IMG_0555.jpg


The short sides were next and we then had a box without a top and bottom assembled.

IMG_0559.jpg IMG_0560.jpg

The floor supports went in next. The floor was made of short lengths of the same fence palings as the sides. These were not secured, just put over the top of the floor supports.

IMG_0561.jpg IMG_0562.jpg

The lid/seat was made of fence palings, four of them. A number of short lengths of paling were used to hold the four long palings together. The side with the short supports was the bottom.

The flat side of the lid was where the foam went. We also used canvas with garden designs on it as a cover.

IMG_0567.jpg IMG_0568.jpg

Securing the cover and trimming it to size took the longest time! We also added a strip of leather that could be used to pull the lid up.

IMG_0570.jpg IMG_0573.jpg

It was now complete and ready to be filled with all the garden junk we had!


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