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I use SoapUI (on my Mac) quite often because I develop, update and enhance a number of custom built web services. Most of these are SOAP based and sometimes I need to run small load tests to simulate concurrent requests and other circumstances that single requests aren't adequate enough to test. Sometimes, I also need the ability to capture responses from each of the web service calls during a load test - unfortunately the load test runner doesn't have an easy way of doing this. But there is a way!

The trick is to set the 'Dump File' property on the test step that you're interested in (TestSuite > TestCase > Test Steps). I set it to something like /tmp/soapui.txt. What this will do is let SoapUI save each of the responses into this file.

The only issue is, each time a response is received, it overwrites the file. However using the tee command in conjunction with tail solves that issue. Open the Terminal.app and first make sure this file exists before running your load test (touch /tmpt/soapui.txt). Then you can use the following command to capture all the output...
tail -f /tmp/soapui.txt | tee /tmp/loadtest_responses.txt

The concatenated responses from all of the web service calls will be stored in the /tmp/loadtest_responses.txt file.


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