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If you love to tinker around with electronics, build DIY hobby kits, have fun with single board computers like Raspberry Pi, or anything to do with IoT or Arduino, Micro:bit and similar, you have a huge selection of online shops to turn to. I've certainly shopped around a number of these myself but this kind of hobby can end up costing a fair amount so I was quite excited when I had Digitspace reach out to me to have a look at their offerings. What grabbed me most was their low prices.

This is a quick review of the shop and website and their service/delivery. I'll also have a better look at the items that I ordered in a later blog post. Note: links to the Digitspace website in this article are customised for referral purposes only and do not provide me with incentives like commission on sales, etc.

Lets start with the website itself. It has a nice and modern look and feel to it. It's exactly as you would expect from any decent hobby site these days. It's easy enough to navigate and has a good number of categories of items to look through. It does use 'infinite scroll' for loading more products but at the same time it updates the web browser's address so it knows what 'page' you're on. Usually infinite scroll product listings are a pet hate of mine but this implementation is very well done.

The selection in each category is not always huge but the prices are quite low and there are some interesting kits that I've not come across on other hobby sites before, like the wireless door bell kit. Having recently moved to a new house, this was something that I was actually interested in getting.

The checkout process is quite easy too, you can do it as a guest or by registering for an account. Again this is pretty standard and expected these days. There are two payment methods supported, PayPal or COD. Shipping prices are decent considering the current COVID-19 situation and the fact that most postal services are only accepting express shipping.

The overall experience with the website, item selection and customer service has been smooth and easy. There were updates on my order sent through emails and tracking was provided. No complaints there. I am still amazed at the prices though, side cutters for $1.15 is just amazing, most of their tools are in that low price range. DIY kits are on the cheap side too. I was worried about quality here, but read on to see what I found there.

Since I used express DHL delivery, my items arrived in about a week. Again, given the current situation this is very good timing. Everything was packaged into a box, with my separate orders in their own packaging inside. There was no padding inside this box, to my surprise, but then the things that I ordered were fairly robust.

IMG_8622.jpeg IMG_8623.jpeg

What I did find funny and odd was how the side cutters I ordered were packed. It was as if it was the last pair and they just threw them in as is. No big deal, just strange! They were a bit dusty but for the price, a little bit of dust can probably be even considered an extra!

IMG_8625.jpeg IMG_8626.jpeg

The quality of the items was good for the price I paid. The spring on the side cutters was not as strong as I'd have liked it to be, but they were sharp and cut well and felt comfortable in the hand. The DIY kit was of a good quality too, with all the components and housing and PCBs provided. The only downside was the fact that were no English instructions included, however that is fairly typical of these kinds of Chinese produced DIY electronics kits, so no surprises there.

IMG_8628.jpeg IMG_8629.jpeg

So would I get anything else from Digitspace? It's a definite yes. There are some interesting modules in their shop like the 16x16 RGB LED matrix and the 4x4x4 DIY LED cube which I've always wanted to build. The prices are just amazing, so it works very well on a budget. Of course there are some premium items in the store too, but there are always cheap alternatives to these as well.

I'm looking forward to putting together the kit that I've received, that will be in the next blog post, so keep an eye out! Update: I've put the kit together, check out that article here - WL2066B Wireless Door Kit DIY Kit Assembly and Review.


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