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About six months ago I bought the Parrot Flower Power for my chilli planter box. The sensor has been in the same spot for that whole time so I thought that I'd share my experience with it.

My original write up can be found here.

First some screen captures from the app...

IMG_0460.jpg IMG_0461.jpg

IMG_0462.jpg IMG_0463.jpg

It's nice being able to see the variations in temperature and sunlight over the seasons. The fertiliser and water levels are not tied to the season as that's something you can control yourself. This is where I had issues with the Flower Power.

From the fertiliser graph above, you can see that it's stays at 0 for the majority of the time, this was because of a decision I made to stop listening to the notifications by the Flower Power app as it was killing my plants. I would get a notification every few days asking me to add more and more fertiliser, this seemed to have made things very bad for the plants as they started showing signs of too much fertiliser in the ground...yellowed leaves, etc.

The water level notifications is another thing that I stopped paying attention to. Flower Power would ask me to water my plants every single day. I've noticed that as I did that, I had quite a bit of excess water that simply ran out the drain pipe in my planter box. I didn't want to over-water the chillies, so I stopped paying attention to that too.

I think these problems come down to the fact that the sensors in the Flower Power are too short. I had a look at seeing if it can be modded, but due to its design, it's very hard to solder on additional lengths of wire to act as an extended sensor.

So I think this device is OK, but does not work well for a bigger planter box.


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