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I've noticed that the long announced free Telstra WiFi hotspots have appeared around the Brisbane CBD. Maybe I've missed these all the other times while I was in the city centre, but now I can see them on the public phone boxes around the city.

The WiFi hotspots are noticeable from quite a distance away with their bright purple WiFi signs.

This is what they look like:

IMG_1180.jpg IMG_1181.jpg IMG_1182.jpg

The WiFi network can be found by the SSID of 'Free_Telstra_WiFi'. Joining is simple, just select to connect to the network and you're prompted with a login screen that informs you that you have 30 minutes of free usage. I've not gone past the 30 minute mark so don't know what happens once you exceed this time.

IMG_1179.jpg IMG_1183.jpg


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