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I've been waiting for the IVE-W554ABT to become available for quite some time, it's an excellent headunit that does not cost too much but provides lots of functionality and is an amazing replacement for the V35's stock unit. There's lots of information available on how to install an after-market headunit in a G35 Infiniti, which is basically what the V35 is, but I've noticed some differences and some things on the G35 Driver forums were not that clear on unless you read dozens of pages of comments.

So here's what we did in my car (2005 CPV35 Coupe). I mostly followed information found in Wrathernaut's Double-Din Installation FAQ, Shopping and Resource List. I took the non-Bose approach and since my car has factory navigation, I went with those options also.

First, the components from the above links list were a necessity. The JDB trim was by far the hardest to get, I had to wait around 6 months for one to become available. The other parts I just purchased from Amazon. One item that may be skipped is the steering wheel interface because as hard as we tried, we could not find the right wiring for it on the V35 (the colours of wires did not match the G35 layouts and we didn't want to experiment).

Before I get into it, here's what the end result looked like. The reverse camera is all working, the speakers are connected with both front and rears, the subwoofer is going strong too.

I've already had the subwoofer installed previously so won't cover that in this post, however I have a number of posts that cover that so go ahead and have a read.

As I was going for a full Alpine setup, my fronts are Type-X splits and rears are Type-R coaxials. The stock 6x9s have been taken out and the space stuffed with polyester pillow stuffing to reduce vibration of the parcel shelf (it really works!). All of the speakers have been previously connected, the rears had new wiring pulled through from the back to the centre console and the fronts were connected to the stock wiring. I wanted to run new wiring for the fronts but removing the harnesses from the doors proved to be too much trouble.

So this is what I had left to install: The headunit itself, aircon controller, RCA cable for the subwoofer in the rear, the reverse camera and a bunch of other connectors inside the centre console to get the headunit running.

I won't go into details of removing the stock headunit, the G35 Driver forum link above has that covered, however this is what it looked like after everything was taken out:

IMG_0740.jpg IMG_0741.jpg

We then pulled the necessary wiring from the boot to the front under the rear seats, under the centre portion of the carpet, through the rear end of the centre console, past the gear shift and into the centre console proper. Pulling the wiring under the rear carpet took some effort as it's moulded to the shape of the car and not easy to move.

Now with the wiring ready it was time to assemble the headunit in the stock bracket. There is no need to buy an after market bracket for this! Not all of the screw holes line up, but enough do to keep it secure in place. The Scosche ring is an absolute must here too, I did not get it at first thinking everything will look ok, it didn't, so I had to order one and wait an additional week to install everything, so get one, they are only a few dollars and make a tremendous difference.

Here's the IVE-W554ABT with the Scosche ring around it.

...and finally everything assembled into the stock bracket, with the aircon controller in place and the navigation unit in its usual spot at the back.

IMG_0745.jpg IMG_0746.jpg

Next is the fun part, the wiring in the car and at the harnesses, however that will have to wait until the next post. Tune in soon!

The second part of this post is now available here: http://www.igorkromin.net/index.php/2015/02/09/installing-an-alpine-ive-w554abt-headunit-in-a-2005-v35-skyline-part-2/.


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