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A while back I wrote about how to integrate with Facebook and use pre-authenticated tokens to automate posting of Blog posts. This of course required an app to be registered to work. Recently Facebook changed their app permissions model to require reviews for all apps that make use of any but the basic of features.

After this change, every time I logged into the Facebook for Developers page I was presented with an alert informing mw about the review...

However the publish_pages permission was not appearing in the alert message (at least for me). So, I decided to look around. The permissions reference did however talk about requiring app review for apps that were using this permission...

That didn't sit quite right with me because my app was using pre-authenticated tokens and essentially ran as myself all of the time; also it was not really an app in a traditional sense either since its only purpose was to post from my Blog to the Facebook page for the Blog. So this prompted me to check out the access tokens documentation. Here it stated that a review may not be necessary after all!

The page roles help page talked about the various roles that are given to app users. Since I was the Admin, I had permissions to post as the page. I thought I'd verify this by getting a new User Access Token for my app from the Graph Explorer...

The publish_pages permission was automatically selected and there was no way to deselect it.

So since the code that integrated with Facebook always used the user token and then retrieved a page token, it would inherit the right permissions and didn't need to request these permissions on its own. This meant that no app review was required!


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