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The "new look" Facebook is horrible. It's trying to be a mobile web app on a desktop. It's way too wide, the spacing is too large, it doesn't show enough shortcuts on the left (why do I have to click 'See More' every time I want to go to my Saved posts?)...and it has that new look top bar with notifications above pretty much every single icon.

If you're like me and are determined to be on top of your notifications, the new look Facebook will drive you mad. Luckily there is a way to make it stop showing them. Here's how...

First click on the down triangle button in the top right corner and click on Settings & Privacy.

Then click on Settings.

Then scroll down to and click on Notifications on the left.

From here you can control which notifications Facebook will show you. Personally, I disabled Marketplace, Video and Other notifications because they never interest me. Now I don't have to feel obliged to look at all the new things that Facebook thinks I should...and it feels quite a lot more peaceful!


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